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Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Case For Reincarnation: William Barnes/Thomas Andrews

Let us look at a portrait of Tommie Andrews and a picture of William Barnes. As in the case of Captain Robert Snow, William Barnes was not conscious of a resemblance in facial features until images were compared side by side.

Though Mr. Barnes is older than Tommie Andrews in these images, a similarity in facial architecture is observed. Look at the hairline, square forehead, shape of the eyebrows and eyes, the nose, the shape of the lower part of the face and the chin. I had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Barnes speak at a conference and during his talk, he described many personality traits that he shares with Andrews.

Characteristics in common include a strong work ethic and a gentlemanly approach to women.
William Barnes' story demonstrates a common feature of cases involving prominent past life figures, such as Tommie Andrews, designer of the Titanic. The common trait is that knowledge of a prominent past lifetime is not used in an egotistical way. On the contrary, the past life information is often traumatic and painful. In the Tommie Andrews case, Mr. Barnes had to deal with memories of a terrible tragedy and knowledge that some could blame him for it. Mr. Barnes does not bask in glory related to the Titanic. Rather, Mr. Barnes' book is about what really happened on the Titanic, how the ship sank, and how Tommie Andrews argued for design features that could have saved lives. Similarly, Jeffrey Keene, in learning about his past lifetime as General John B. Gordon, had to face the traumas and sadness of war. Nowhere does Mr. Keene dwell on any positive aspects of being a military leader in a past lifetime, other than to express appreciation and respect for his men.

The case of William Barnes also illustrates a consistent pattern found in the life of a past life explorer. In the beginning, as a person becomes aware of evidence of reincarnation, of a specific past life identity, one starts to question his or her own sanity. Later, others question your sanity. The past life researcher then becomes acutely concerned whether society will accept the reincarnation information offered. In the end, I believe that people such as Snow, Keene and Barnes will be recognized for their courage in coming forward. In time, an understanding of the reality of reincarnation and its mechanics will reinvent the world....READ MORE...