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Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Earth's Vibration is Changing

People are saying that the vibration of our earth plane is changing rapidly, elevating, and that the veil between our world and other dimensions is becoming thinner and easier to transgress. And what is happening with this shift? How will our experience with other dimensions change? There has been a great deal of energy transmitted toward the earth plane. There is no "grand design" to do anything in particular with this; it is simply part of the agreement that you all hold. There is a collective global agreement to move things along at a different rate. This is something that all of you are taking part in. Every one of you—not just in this room, but globally—has a collective agreement to make some changes that affect your planet. This will have a variety of effects. Some of you are becoming impatient with your lessons. Some of you would like to see even more things happen! We expect there to be a continuing snowball effect, causing an increased level of movement. This is partly due to the the effects of momentum as you collectively move on through your experiential growth lessons. In other words, through the soul-perception you are experiencing. You become interested in having different kinds of experiences collectively, as a whole. So if the overall vibratory rate of all of you is centered around relationship issues, as opposed to issues of acquisition and power—if collectively you were to be mostly interested in relationship issues—then that will have a marked effect on how your world looks. It will change your economic basis. It will change how you interact with one another on many levels. It will change your political systems. It will change your attention to the environment. In other words, it will change every single aspect of life as you know more...