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Monday, 5 September 2011

How to have a séance.

There are three important factors that must be considered when conducting a séance. They are; the purpose, the quality of the sitters and the location. Each of these must be provided for to increase the expectation for a reasonably successful outcome.
The conducting medium:
The medium should be one that has already presided over a séance before and is familiar with the importance of insuring that the basic requirements mentioned above are met. The séance may be conducted by a non-experienced person, however, the success of the outcome may be affected because of a lack of attunement. In either case, it is up to the conducting medium to assure that the conditions outlined below are met.
The purpose for the séance should be established prior to the meeting. Is it to contact someone’s deceased relative or friend, find spirit guides, or to conjure apparitions? Whatever the purpose it must be the only purpose for all the sitters and this must be the only thought in everyone’s mind. There cannot be divided purposes in the circle once it begins because it will weaken if not destroy the singleness of psychic energy needed in the séance. It is up to the conducting medium to query each sitter, and to make them aware of the importance of a single mind among them all. All thoughts of personal affairs, the day’s events or any other distracting thoughts must be put aside because these also interfere with maintaining a single energy
The sitters:
Desire to be there is the primary qualification for a sitter. Without this there is a loss in the expectation that gives the séance that special feeling. If you have to drag someone into the circle, you’re doing the wrong thing. Here are the types of people you want in the circle:

Someone that really wants to be there, who is serious and not frivolous or silly and giddy. Positive and uplifting people that will add their energy. A family member that wants to make contact with a deceased loved one. (In the case of seeking such contact) They must not be grasping and groping for the connection, but rather, subjective and patient for whatever comes. Grasping and desperate persons sometimes block the energy, so they must put their feelings in check and be neutral. Persons that are empathetic and can inject love into the séance. Love is the vibration of communication in the spirit world. Its presence enables communication to take more>>>...

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