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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ghostly Apparition Caught on Camera at Perth Tearoom

A cafe owner has called in the ghost-hunters after claiming to have seen a spirit on his security camera. Chills went down Dan Clifford's spine when he checked his CCTV and saw what he's convinced was a ghostly apparition hovering over a table set for two. He summoned a team of ghost specialists, who said the sighting - said to be a figure of a woman - was the most striking evidence they had come across in almost 10 years. Dan, 35, said yesterday: "The first time I saw the shadow moving on the camera my heart went nuts. I thought there was an intruder in the shop. "But when I looked closer I realised it couldn't be a live human being - I could see right through it." The CCTV image was taken in the dead of night after something set off a motion sensor. And Dan claims it's not the only evidence of ghostly goings-on at his Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room in more>>>... 

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