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Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Ozone Layer = Ancient Chemtrails???

The clue behind the 'reason' for chemtrails is what chemtrails are blocking out ... SUNLIGHT. We've been taught for years how bad being out in the sun without sun block is. We are told that we need to cut down on cholesterol levels. We know there has been increased solar activity. We know the pineal gland processes light into electromagnetic energy. We know also that there is a concerted attack on our pineal gland with the food toxins. It is all linked. Our DNA absorbs solar energy for sure and uses it in its processing ... 

Chemtrails are the modern version of the 'ozone layer' we are told us around the earth to protect us from harmful solar radiation. We are told to accept that on face value ... there is no proof. I propose the theory that chemtrails have been used before in the distant past as a means to block out the necessary light rays from the sun!! The same mindset is back on the earth plane and is once more using its evil chemicals to block out the sun's rays. The healthy rays we need to vibrate as a true representation of ourselves. Not the slaves they have conditioned us into being...

Chemtrails may well be the topping up of the depleted areas of the ancient chemtrail layer which was used in the ancient world. The barrier is wearing thin. The solar activity is increasing and it's energy is being processed into faster electomagnetic energy we are processing ... which is lifting our body vibrations.

Someone ancient doesn't want its slaves lifting out of the control frequency ranges. Therefore it is topping up its world serpent to keep us suppressed. The toxic soup in the sky dissipates ... and leaves an invisible layer of toxins which are blocking out the sun ... they may say they are reducing global warming with this ... but the solar activity they are trying to counter is what we are meant to absorb via the Vitamin D that our natural cholesterol absorbs ... its another vital link in the chain they try to break ... Matthew James