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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Untying The Knots

Well. That's Feb 2013 almost over with ... March 2013 is tomorrow and with it 1.3.13 and 31.3.13 ... possibly a significant month. But then again, maybe not. For those of you who have 'past issues' surfacing in your lives at the moment see it as a blessing. We are at that time in our existence where all the knotted chords that are holding us back from our true existence can be finally untied. It is going to take a large amount of effort. But it can be done. March 2013 has been highlighted in so many people's lives as a key month.

It's an interesting period to say the least ... with no clear outcome highlighted. It will be necessity to clear out the knotted chords to ensure a successful transmutation to the energy levels being beamed into our section of the universe by the increased solar flare activity. Our DNA is receiving more and more light signatures now ... increasing the frequency of our light body. Our physical bodies are bogged down by the human shit and mire that 'THEY' impose on us. The shit they put out in our atmosphere has been designed to block this increased light frequency --- a sick attempt to deny what has been sent out way to release us from their imprisonment. They impose themselves even more on our consciousness at this time ... including increased bullshit transmissions from other frequencies. Be wary of all astral communications at this time that cannot be proven. 'Angels' and 'guides' are suspicious connections at this time ... as are a host of other 'ascended beings' ... these connections are designed it appears to mislead you like the Pied Piper away from the true perception of what is occurring. There is nothing 'flossy glossy' and 'love and light' about what lies ahead ... connections that claim this are bullshitting you ... Matt James