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Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Personal View Of 'Spirit Guides'

I recall an interesting incident back in the mid 1980's; one night at an Open Circle I was attending. We’d all undertaken a meditation to meet one of our ‘Spirit Guides’; as usual I found nothing was in contact with me during the meditation. I listened with interest as other members of the circle described their ‘Native American Indian chief with two white feather’ guides; their ‘Chinese Mandarin’ guides; their “Egyptian Princess” guides etc etc... each one described in perfect detail down to the message and the gift. 

It came my turn ... and instead of admitting I hadn’t met a guide ...I replied with ‘mine was a monk in a simple gown who didn’t say anything or give me anything’. It was accepted without question by the circle organiser ... 

... later on in the evening we all sat down to have refreshments and some food ... and the conversation of guides was brought up. I interjected into the conversation with the fact I’d made my guide up in order to not be self conscious ... and appear different to everyone else!

The interesting thing was that most of the people attending the circle AGREED with me!!! They’d heard the first accounts of wonderful guides being contacted and had decided to up their descriptions of their guides in order to compete with the other accounts!!!

It made me question the spiritual movement from that moment forth. I listen to accounts of spiritual guides ... and visualise most guides to be little more than ‘fashion accessories’ that go with being ‘psychic’ or a ‘medium’ or a ‘clairvoyant’ ... it is the accepted norm that you must have a guide to communicate with spirit. I’ve had so much ridicule over the years for not having a guide. I’ve been told I’m not developed enough to have a guide; or surely you must have a guide. The simple answer is ‘NO I don’t have any guides, I make the connections directly myself and I do not trust a third party to give me information I can acquire myself’ ....

I wonder how many psychics out there who say they have guides because it is expected that they have one ..? I for one am sufficiently annoyed with the so called New Age Movement ...!!! All this documentation about guides and secondary guides and main guides etc ... and all of us having guides .... please see the improbability of it all!!

I’ve been a professional medium in the industry since the 1980's ... I consistently communicate with the spirit world in 95% of my readings, live platform shows, radio shows .... and I do it without guides!!! My messages do not comprise ‘they are telling me this, they are saying that’ ... which is the vagueness that fabricated guides provide. My messages are concise ... who is communicating; what they suffered with, or died of, and the reason for their connection ....

Anyone who does seriously conclude they have a real ‘guide’ I compel you to check the connection out with validatory information that can confirms it is not a fabricated guide. Even then need to determine if the guide is not a multi dimensional aspect of yourself ...! It is a process that is vital in your spiritual development ... very vital ... more than you will ever comprehend ....! In all the multitudes of communications I have had with the spirit world not ONE soul has discussed the existence of guides ... not once in 30 years ...!! I wonder why? I’ve raised the subject so many times ... and not one soul has sent a guide or admitted to the existence of guides. Helpers yes ... late family members and close friends providing information happens quite often ... but when I receive information there is no ‘GUIDE’ there telling me what everyone are saying ... I hear and sense it all myself — Matthew James