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Friday, 8 February 2013

Channelling The Spirit World I

I don't often make reference to 'channelled information' I may or may not receive ... it's not really something that I get involved in very often. I had a spate of semantics writings in the 80's and 90's (*Hmmm ... 10 volumes each with about 400 writings in them!) that contained channelled information from 'unknown sources'. I disregarded most of the stuff as being hogwash. But over the years so much of it has proven to be spot on regarding the state of this planet.

There was also large proportions of information relating to the astral, the spiritual and higher vibrations ... which I couldn't prove and so didn't pay much heed to.

Well, I'm now receiving a new batch of channelled information that I can identify ... and who has regularly proven it is who he says it is by getting me to send observations of his family he has been having since his passing. It has all been validated.

Therefore I now firmly believe the observations of the spirit world he has been giving me ...
I will state one of the observations now ... 

'the spirit world is sick and tired of the make believers and charlatans on the earth plane that are constantly using their name in vain. There is definitely a higher influence now involved in human affairs that is hastening the changes ... the force is beyond that of 'the angels' and 'the ascended masters' and 'the spirit world' itself. It is beyond human comprehension ... and it is working powerfully to reveal what all the assumed and unproven channels and contacts are. This is nothing to do with the ascension described by the new age ... but something so much more. Its changing the spirit world too ... as it lifts its vibration as well ... as above, so below the human plane must follow ... and it will ... truth must prevail as universal force is so much stronger than anything the earth plane or the astral plane can create ...'