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Friday, 8 February 2013

Living in an Ensouled Universe

Waking Times: We exist in a system where our beliefs are continually manipulated to induce a programmed ‘reality’ – one we are conditioned to accept is reality. It is the ‘reality’ of the physical, five-sensory, finite world. In reality, reality is not this! In reality, we are living in an ensouled universe – a universe immersed and enfolded in Soul. It is a compassionate, creative, intelligent living being, this universe of ours. And it has our ultimate wellbeing at heart. The ancients knew this. We have largely forgotten – or rather, been convinced otherwise.

Our ancestors were genetically manipulated to experience and respond to a low vibratory energy frequency – it seems around 200,000 years ago – through the disconnection of a large chunk of their DNA. DNA serves as an aerial (it is a receiver-transmitter), attuning us to higher vibratory frequencies coming in from our Sun – and beyond. We were birthed into a system in which the world of the ego (separation) reigns supreme. The Soul, (our individual connection to Spirit), having been largely severed, lies somewhere distant in our awareness...READ MORE>>>... OPINION: This is a well written MUST read ... very informative indeed MJ