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Friday, 8 February 2013

Sheep delivers 'human' foetus in Minna

Compass Newspaper: With what could be termed the aftermath of cross-breeding between man and animal, was recorded on Tuesday in Minna the Niger State capital, as a human-like creature was discovered in the uterus of a butchered ewe (female sheep) at the Kuta market. The incident which occurred in the early hours of Tuesday is the second so far witnessed by livestock dealers in recent times, with the first incident in 2011. According to the butcher Alidu Maiyanka "it was around 10:30 in the morning that I discovered the monstrous creature after slaughtering an ewe I bought on Monday from Kuta.” Alidu, on becoming faced with the mystery, said he contacted his colleagues who came also to catch a glimpse of what had happened after which several people started trooping in from Minna and its environs. An eyewitness, who is also a butcher, Gambo Adbullahi said before the ewe was slaughtered, there was no sign that it was pregnant and that the human-like lamb was found in the uterus of the ewe which indicated that the ewe must have had an ectopic pregnancy.

Secretary, Minna Association of Livestock dealers, Waziri Haruna said the monstrous creature was found still alive and still lived about 2 hours before giving up, adding that 'it was the second time such incident would happen in the market'. The first, according to him, was in 2011.The monstrous creature had two eyes, two ears and a mouth like that of a human with two more>>>...