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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Tattoo calls for help when you fall ill and researchers believe it could be coming to an arm near you soon

Daily Mail: A new high tech tattoo may soon be your saving grace the next time you fall ill. Woven of gold and silk, this temporary skin embossing could detect things like bacterial infections and let others know you’re sick. This is the brainchild of Princeton professor Michael McAlpine, who recently received a grant through his university to expedite his research and make antenna tattoos a reality. The engineering professor says he got the idea while reading about a woman who suddenly had an asthma attack at a grocery store. ‘She couldn’t breathe enough to tell first-responders what was wrong, but she had a tattoo on her arm that said she had asthma,’ McAlpine told Times of Trenton. ‘I thought, if she can have a passive tattoo that says “I have asthma,” why not have an active tattoo that can continuously track your health?’ more>>>...:  Opinion: very obvious problem-reaction-solution.