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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Odd Times

It's been a very ODD time recently. The manifest plane has changed. Drastically. It may look the same, but it most certainly doesn't FEEL the same. There is a distinct change in vibration going on. Particularly over the last 6 weeks. There is sensory overload, especially the heart senses. The clairsentience, clairsentinence and the claircognizance has been going on overload.

Check them out ... the psychic senses of 'clear feeling', 'clear sensing' and 'clear knowing'. For those are what have changed. Big time. The normal senses of sight, taste, hearing and smell are still the same. They still pick up on the mundane 3rd dimension. However, the sense of touch, linked to the heart and the extra sensory perceptions now tell us a different story about the world outside.

I could say 'welcome to the 5th dimension' but you wouldn't believe it, unless you are also feeling the world has changed but can't see any change. That is what is so ODD. There are pockets are strange vibrations here and there. A veil has been torn in places and they are not detectable by the human eyes, ears, nose or mouth. However, the human heart knows where and why.

It means our lives are being cast into turmoil. And this explains why there has been the systematic push for toxins and poisons in our foods and drinks over the decades. The accumulation of poisons to make us unaware of what is going on right now. Its such a pity that these toxins and poisons are there in our brains and bodies. If they weren't, we would be FULLY aware of the doorways and the vibrations bombarding the earth via the increase in light waves from the sun and elsewhere.

Go out in the first light of the sun and feel this for yourself. It is intense and powerful. The psychic senses of 'clear feeling', 'clear sensing' and 'clear knowing' are our natural connections to the dimensions which exist outside of the five sensory range. We are actually in the 5th dimension and always have been. We've been separated from it that's all. And THEY know this. Hence their indoctrinated and contrived world around us, to deceive us from the truth.

But that's another story. It's hard enough to survive as it is on this planet without having the glamours and enchantments being lifted. Its time for us all to embrace the psychic senses of 'clear feeling', 'clear sensing' and 'clear knowing' and start to feel the life around us; to listen to the voice of the heart and recover the memories of the authentic self. This is the oddness unravelling before us. Its only going to get crazier as the agents of darkness try to keep us blind and in the darkness which is no longer there. We are the fairground goldfish no longer in the plastic bag ... we are in the bigger fish tank but need to become aware of that shift - Matthew James