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Friday, 27 November 2015

Turning A Blind Eye

Many of you, who have been following A Light In The Darkness for several years, will notice a distinct lack of conspiracy story reports in recent weeks. It's known as 'turning a blind eye'. By ignoring events elsewhere in the world they no longer become part of your reality. That has been the intention.

It is not a permanent thing. Our attention has been elsewhere. Our attention has been on reconnecting with ancestral shamanic traits. Hence the apparent dilution of 'typical posts' on A Light In The Darkness. Hence the over-washing by totem birds and animal images. A change is good as a rest, don't you agree? The intention has been to change the vibration of A Light In The Darkness, to create an oasis of ancient vibrations amidst the turmoil of our crazy world. I hope we have succeeded in our intention