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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Spoons On Mars

The top image is the original NASA official release of one of the so called 'spoons on Mars'. You'll note the traditional and stereotyped orange filtering of the image we have become accustomed to when NASA release images of Mars.

The bottom image is the same NASA release put through Photoshop, minus the orange filter, and a few colour adjustments here and there. This was done in an attempt to understand the nature of the strange artifact seen on Mars.

Because none of the nice boys and girls at NASA are ever likely to tell us what is really going on, and it is fairly obvious they know the real score of what is on Mars, we are left to speculate what we are looking at. It is not a spoon, of that we are sure. The body of the image extends well beyond the red circle for starters. It is interesting to note the non-rock features to the front of the 'spoon' too.

The underlying blue tinge is of interest too. It appeared just as soon as the orange filter colouration was reduced. If it had ripples we could have concluded it was water, but it certainly looks more natural than the heavily edited image NASA released.

The spoon story is a clear red herring, and an obvious smokescreen for something else which is going on at this time relating to the Mars story ...