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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Jackdaw Medicine

 The black colour of the Jackdaw may signify health issues and even death. The jackdaw warns you to be wary of evil and negativity abounding in your life and to understand that sometimes you cannot be prepared for the worst of times. There is one area that jackdaws are positive omens and this is in matters of romance. Jackdaws mate for life and seeing them just before being married or when committing to a relationship is a sign that you will be with the person for life.

There are many a rumour of the Jackdaw being a bad, or even an evil, omen that can indicate bad luck and bad fortune in your life. Generally, through befriending the Jackdaw totem the bad luck and bad fortune can be faced and worked through. The Jackdaw is in truth an omen to indicate what needs to be brought to attention in your life. With Jackdaw there are often powerful portends and premonitions ... as a familiar and totem guide, the Jackdaw makes an excellent companion.