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Sunday, 25 December 2016

2017 - The Year Of Transformation, Yeah Right!

Some people's expectations for 2017 are very high. The numerology of the year - 2+1+7 = 10 = 1 - suggests 2017 will be a year of significant transformation and a new chapter for some. I don't personally share that anticipation. My expectations are grounded and focused on what is more than likely to be on just another year, same as all the rest. Its vibration is really dependent on you, and how you perceive the stimuli that is around you.

I'm not one to go overboard with all the 'new age claptrap' that is out there, and seems to be part and parcel of what people associate with 'being psychic'. I'm never excited about the numerology of the year we are about to go into, on a world level. There are self appointed new age voices out there who I hear are declaring 2017 as 'a year of transformation and release for mankind' from the burdens and strife in life. I leave them to it, and keep my own opinions, normally, to myself.

I admit I do have my own system of numerology, I call Soul Numerology, but it is only something I apply to the individual and the vibrational flow in their life. I am not one to apply a numerology system to a collective entity. The new chapter that so many anticipate for 2017 based on its numerology ... will sadly, I feel, fall quite a way short of the hype that some factions are claiming.

The universe can't work like that, based on a system of time measurement created by mankind to compartmentalise its existence on the physical earth. There will be little difference in the vibration at 11:59, and 59 seconds, on 31st December 2016 and 12.00, and 1 second, on 1st January 2017.  The vibration will be just the same. There is no mechanism to suddenly change human experiences based on the numerology of man made years. You alone will change the manner of your experiences, and even having incredible belief and faith in the numerology may not be strong enough to suddenly change the manner of those experiences. I cringe when I hear those who are new to the psychic world talk about all the new age claptrap and its crazy notions. So much  of the new age philosophy is extremely dangerous with its exertions and implications. I have always distanced myself from the new age view of the psychic world and the paranormal. Its been a safer route, I feel, to discover the bigger picture untainted by that senseless dogma. The notions relating to 2017 and its transformative energies are within that senseless dogma.

I have already described that arena as sheep wandering around a fold, with each of the sheep perfect clones of each other, saying the same thing and acting in the same way. They all bear the new age uniform and the new age fashion accessories and don't realise the con they have bought, and will not see that they cannot think or speak for themselves whilst being attracted to that crazy dogma. A crazy dogma which is a million miles away from the true picture.

In a few weeks we will all find out just how transformative 2017 is, won't we .. or not?