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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Introducing The Light Of Truth Oracle Divination System.

The Light Of Truth Oracle comprise 80 beautifully designed cards which are a new and completely unique divination system. The oracle cards combine the Kabbalah/Tree Of Life with Jungian archetypes to spellbind you with the magnificent and visionary artwork of their creator, Matthew James.  

The Light Of Truth Oracle has been over 25 years in the making!

They narrate the spiritual unfoldment from initiation to spiritual awareness. They will appeal to both the novice reader and the more accomplished practitioner. 

 The Light Of Truth Oracle can be used as traditional tarot cards with both the minor and the major arcana linked to the oracle cards. However, their strength is in their association with The Kabbalah. Each Sephira (Including Daath) and all the 32 paths are represented by the images. There is also a card attributed to the mysterious eternal light of Ain Soh Aur.  

The Light Of Truth Oracle have their own unique suits - PATH, PERCEPTION, PERSONALIT Y, PURPOSE as well as a unique Gematria code for each card. These oracle cards are an absolute must for mystics seeking something new and refreshing to work with!

The Light Of Truth Oracle have been created as a totally unique divination system. It is not necessarily the intention of their creator for the imagery to be based solely on the following meanings. It is anticipated in the early days of familiarising yourself with The Light Of Truth Oracle that you will find it necessary to learn the meanings. It will be a perfect starting point. However, it is suggested that the meanings are purely "indicative" of the essence of each card!

It is by no means the only interpretation of the symbols and imagery on each card. The Light Of Truth Oracle has two insights per card! An insight meaning and also a Glyph Affirmation. From the card layout illustration it will become much clearer why. The affirmation is based on the Magick Glyph which will be found on the card imagery. The insight meaning is based on the main card artwork. This is why this is a unique divination system! There are two clear levels of awareness focussed on these cards.  

The oracle cards can also be linked to the more classical Tarot images for the more conventional mystic wishing to use the Light Of Truth Oracle cards as "tarot cards". For the more advanced mystic each and every card is further linked to The Kabbalah … for contemplation and meditation on the contemplative imagery.