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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Dynamics of a Watcher ...

There are those within the billions of faces who are here to observe. To be The Watchers. Born as a new paradigm. Completely misunderstood and disregarded. Ridiculed for their 'differentness" ... the attitude of Mr & Ms Norm to them is nothing short of torture, at times.

The watchers are bearers of an ancientness that is long forgotten. Their souls around before current history records ... in earth times when mankind is not meant to exist. 

They set standards and examples that few of the ego controlled humans will ever follow; for Mr & Ms Norm are too distracted being one of the sheep in the field, or one of the show ponies in the arena, strutting their little knowledge, that they fail to understand what The Watchers are, and what they represent.

Yet so often The Watchers are targets for jealousy and envy, because in their shadows Mr & Ms Norm wish to stand. They wish to be like The Watcher. The Watcher has an influence. The Watcher has instigated change, for the sheep will follow their trail albeit due to jealousy or with the intention of stealing The Watcher's intellectual property, or their idea, or their modus operandi. When this takes place, The Watcher will more than likely smile. For their presence has helped changed the course of human evolution.

They have energised a part of the human collective. That is their role. It is a silent role, a clandestine role. It is done without drawing attention to their reason for being around. They are move often than not the one who remains in the shadow, or low key without the need for adoration. It is the one who steps in their shadow or steals their modus operandi that craves the attention, that wants the fame and the acknowledgement. So be it, that is the ego of Mr & Ms Norm controlling the soul ... it is a lesson that The Watcher knows will be the making or the breaking of the one that steps into The Watcher's shadow.

The Watcher's life purpose will be a mystery to the average. The Watcher's agenda an unknown quantity for those who question the integrity of The Watcher. But what the average sees of The Watcher is their reflected self. They cannot fathom the energy of The Watcher - who's dimensional vibration is far greater than ever theirs will be. Thus they contemplate the presence of fear within themselves and do not have the depth of understanding to know they see themselves. Instead they scorn and ridicule The Watcher ... who remains slakeless through another psychic attack.

The Watcher is the catalyst within a series of chain reactions. The Watcher enables the average to instigate a vibrational shift if the average can learn to overcome the distraction of the selfish separate self - the rampant false ego despises the energy of The Watcher and will stop at nothing to eradicate the presence of The Watcher in its life. The Watcher vibrates on truth whilst the false ego of the average vibrates on distractions, glamours, illusions, delusions and lies - Matthew James