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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Alien hunter claims to have spotted a 'hairy spider monkey' and 'slug animal' on Mars among several bizarre sightings

Original - official NASA release
Daily Mail: Many conspiracy theorists have taken the initiative to find life on Mars by analyzing every picture that is sent back to Earth from the red planet. Now, one Martian researcher believes to have found a trove of evidence captured by the Curiosity Rover that he says ‘are all signs of life on Mars’.

The bizarre sightings include a slug alien, a snail and a four-legged creature that ‘looks like a hairy spider monkey’ staring directly at the more>>>...

OPINION: The lower image is adjusted via the raw camera filter on Photoshop. That looks like water to us and an unexplained life form too . There are also a number of other interesting relics and artifacts in the image too. At the top of the image are a several unexplained 'snake-like' forms.The grooves and the markings on the rock in the foreground are too uniform to be a natural formation. An interesting choice of picture from NASA.
Image adjusted on Photoshop via camera raw filter. 

Update 1/1/17: On closer inspection the 'life form' is nothing more than a rock structure which appears to have limbs and a body when photographed deceptively as it has been. The conspiracy continues however, with the clear appearance of water in the real image.  The 'life form' looks like a rock pool with water ....