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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Silver Gull Medicine

The silver gull doesn't teach about appropriate aggression; rather it teaches about misplaced aggression. Too much anger drains yourself, and it drains others. Indeed one of the more significant lessons of seagull, particularly silver gull, is that of being an energy drain not only with yourself and your life at this time, but also with others.

Silver gull energy suggests that in this stage in your life, you are possibly being a nuisance to others. Watch out for harmful manifestations of emotion. There is a potential at this time to be over-argumentative. As mentioned above, misplaced aggression is indicated with silver gull, and you may find yourself in situations of conflict frequently. Take the time to recognise your part in such situations, and if there are possible ways to minimise your role in generation conflict.

How are you are being a nuisance tends to be fairly specific. You are either 'scavenging' from others; for example, siphoning off their money, time, food and resources without giving anything back. Or alternatively you are taking too much of their energy by demanding a great deal of their time or having expectations that are too high.

Silver gull can be a tough energy for many people to take, but at the heart of silver gull energy is a real opportunist. If seagull is in your life, you have the ability to successfully locate opportunity. The downside is that you may not be able to find enough sources of energy at this current time in your life. Chances are you have become so adept at finding opportunity precisely because you are unable to feed your own power with your own resources.

So along with silver gull's less savoury lessons, comes the need to understand that you need to look after yourself and embrace your own personal power. When people act from a place of power, they do not need to drain or use the energy of others to sustain themselves. When you learn how to care and look after yourself, you will not need the time of others so acutely and your exchanges with others will become more meaningful.

Part of silver gull's rather unique charm is that it points out the sorts of behaviour that can make the average person feel guilty, and yet then explicitly teaches us how to let go of guilt cycles. It is not about feeling bad for taking from others, it is about feeling good for being an opportunist, and learning how to direct that opportunism at the self so that you can locate ways to nourish and heal yourself from the inside more>>>>....