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Thursday, 22 December 2016

True Knowledge Can Be A Dangerous Thing

I'm not here to tell you how 'wonderful' it is being a 'psychic'. It isn't. Neither am I going to try to force you into buying any of my merchandise or have a 'reading' with me. That is against my sacred principles. There are dud psychics aplenty out there who will try to blind you with their brightly flashing neon lights, in order to get your attention; to tell you that it is they who are real deal; that it is they who are the most accurate; that it is they who are the genuine ones.

Each to their own. Those that come to me for sittings are the ones who are permitted to have freewill. Who have decided themselves they require my services. They come across my name through referrals; or see my face on the internet or on TV; or walk past me in the street or at an Expo. Most people say the same ... they are pulled to me or are drawn to me. The important fact is, people are allowed to decide for themselves to consult me. They are not bribed by marketing tactics to see me. So I'm not here advertising my services not am I trying to earn brownie points. That is not my intention here.

If you have been told by the psychic earth sparrows out there that being psychic is fun, or is easy, or makes you loads of money ... then you have been fed bullshit by a dud psychic who is walking the path of the false ego, and not following the way of the spiritual calling. This pathway is truly HARD WORK. It is tiresome and tedious. It is heart wrenching and agonising. In the early stages, the very early stages, it does appear to be very magical, very appealing and seemingly easy. If you find yourself at that stage I urge you to walk away now! Because very soon, when you overcome the delusions of the false ego and start to truly walk the path it becomes increasingly difficult. It is life changing and not necessarily in a good way. Once you arrive at a certain point you cannot walk away. Take it from someone with over 40 years under his belt ( Twelve years of which I walked blind) ... it is not something to walk into readily.

There will be numerous dud psychics who will pitch an argument with me for making this declaration. What I speak of is the truth, and if they disagree then that is their choice. That is their freewill decision. I'm not on this narrow and tortuous mountain path to make friends. I have plenty of enemies for being different and unique and not one of the 'clicky' group. I'm in this to survive and make the best of my life.

I accept money from clients, yes. So what! It is only fair for the effort I put into each and every sitting. I work damn hard to be consistent. Through serious illness and daily emotional pains I work. I rarely have a day off. I'm always there for people. Behind the scenes there are endless issues with the energetic shit that people dump on me. My life is not an idyllic one ... I'm not in paradise with an easy and cushy money earning technique. What I say I can do I do. I have done the work consistently week in week out for many years and it is not a clever con trick that the dour sceptics out there claim without exception. That lunatic fringe have never bothered me, and they won't start doing so now. They use their limited understanding to let their freewill create chaos, that is their choice.

I'm here to open your eyes to the fact that a 'true psychic' does not lead a happy life. Nor do they have an idyllic life. This path was not thrust on me by choice. I fought and fought to walk away but have come to an inner acceptance it is my life purpose to be what I am. I'm so happy to be the goat on the mountainside. There are fields and fields of confused sheep out there who all are clones of each other. They all act the same. They all say the same things and they are all deceiving themselves if they think they have arrived. They are barely through the doors or off the first step.

I deliberately distance myself from those shores as it is pointless being around energies that frustrate me. I generally keep myself to myself as I am a loner by nature. I like to be reclusive and I keep 90% of what I am and what is happening to me, to myself.I rarely share what happens to me on a daily basis whilst I wander this path. For starters it would probably go over the heads of most people. I like to remain elusive. That is my choice. I don't trust my wisdom with anyone else, yet. There is nobody else around like me. I am responsible with my knowledge for knowledge is power. In the wrong hands ... true knowledge can be a dangerous thing. To be able to truly change someone else's life path, for example, could have major consequences in the wrong hands. Knowing what clairvoyance and mediumship REALLY is ... is another potential banana skin in the wrong hands.