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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A Shaman Within A Human Skin

This morning's early sojourn along The Urambi Hills provided a fantastic distraction from the toils and tribulations of mortal life at this time. It provided a great opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle, the over thinking and the corbyantic demands of the earth plane.

It was great to escape 'the rat race' and to sit in peace and quiet surrounded by the sounds and smells of nature. Even if it was for only an hour this morning.

It provided a perfect opportunity to recharge emotional batteries, to be grounded and relaxed. First light is always a special time, a personal time. It enables a connection with nature, the ancestors and the 'free thinking of self'. A chance to switch off from earthly concerns and a chance to think clearly about those things that really matter. To be distraction free and away from human concerns. To remember the connection with the universe, the earth and the other worlds, and feel those connections. To re-adopt that sense of oneness and remember the truth - life is the illusion created by higher dimensions to get to explore those lower aspects of self; to be a spiritual explorer within a human avatar ... to be a shaman within a human skin ... with the human heart the drum beat ... we forget man is an animal and we forget we are a spirit walking that dream - Matthew James