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Saturday, 16 April 2016

From Feet In Both Worlds ....

"I regularly get asked what is it like to be a psychic, or a medium and do the things that I do? For me it is very normal, it is after all something I have been doing for most of my life. I'm now 50 and my first professional readings were when I was in my late teens. Work the percentage of my life as a working medium for yourself. It is a long time. It's been an exhilarating life when I look at it through a third person's eyes. I've been living with the impossible and the improbable for most of my life ...

I was barely walking when I encountered my first 'ghosts'. At that age I was obviously very accepting of the visitor. At school I didn't think it strange to be a psychic. I didn't know at that time what it was, I assumed everyone else was the same, as it wasn't something you discussed in the playground, it wasn't something that ever came to mind. You did what you did and you were who you were. It wasn't until late in my teens that I began to realise I was different to everyone else. University and then my first job became very difficult for me ... my secret came out and the troubles began. I had to learn to adapt to being different ... as my natural gifts became more and more apparent. For some it was a novelty to have a friend and a colleague who was a psychic. For others there was fear and prejudice. 

I don't ever consider it odd or strange to encounter disembodied voices telling me about other people's lives. It is normal for me to hold a conversation with a non-existent person. I uncovered the mechanism behind how it all works early in my working career. I studied Psychology to discover what mental illness I might have ... and discovered how the psychic senses work instead. I'd gone through a rough patch in my life, and had begun to believe the opinions of certain others at the time that I had some kind of mental illness. I discovered I hadn't. 

My encounters with the otherworlds began to become more and more tangible. My accuracy as a medium and door to the otherworlds continued and so did the transitions in my life. I have always been a sponge for human experiences. Each and every adventure, whether good or bad, has been stored in my library of life. There as reference material for whenever I needed to draw from my own experiences on the behalf of a client. The adventures still continue, as does my growth into spiritual maturity. The growth is a constant thing, as you never reach your destination. You always continue to learn and grow no matter what age and no matter how many years of experiences you might have. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not on the path of the authentic self. They are being misled ..."

Extract taken from 'Feet In Both Worlds' copyright Matthew James 2016