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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

New Age Misconceptions #1 - "Psychic Ability Is A Gift That Can Be Taken Away"

The 'New Age' mystical 'Industry'  (N.A.M.I) is awash with assumptions and ridiculous theology. It is riddled with numerous "fisherman's tales". Crazy notions and nonsensical theories are everywhere, more often and not accepted as fact when they are nothing more than crazy folk lore and absurd 'old wives tales'. 

It is an industry which is regrettably a label and a tag that many genuine mystics and sensitives are associated with. It is an impossible reality when the N.A.M.I generates crazy norms such as guides, psychic protection, angels, ascended masters etc which are the 'fashion accessories' that so many of the wannabe psychics wear around them regardless of whether the fashion accessories are real or imaginary. They all accept the crazy notions as fact, just because they are sheep, and because 'everyone else seems to have guides and ascended masters talking to them'. Its the I must say I have them too or else I will appear different to everyone else uniform that sadly makes the whole industry a madness that really needs to be regulated and changed. 

I happily denounce most of the 'fashion accessories' that the N.A.M.I expects me to have because I am a sensitive and a practicing medium and clairvoyant. I am happy to appear different to the mindlessness that is out there. I frankly don't care! I am my own person, I base my own life path on my own experiences and insights. I don't permit the craziness to influence my perceptions and understandings. I am happy to write this in black and white! I am an individual ... and not one of the pack animals. 

I have many concerns regarding the so called teachings of the new age. Over the coming months I will be discussing these concerns here on A Light In The Darkness. Why? Because it is important to me that that sense can come out of that madness!

I will give a quick example of the hogwash the N.A.M.I and some of its practitioners preach ...

I read on Facebook recently a status that 'Psychic ability can be taken away just as quickly as it is given because it is a gift from god. I have seen the gift taken away from someone' ... 

My answer to this is 'utter bollocks'. Psychic ability, from my 30+ years of experiences in the field, and my extensive research, is inherent in ALL of us to a lesser or greater degree. Psychic ability is an integral part of our nervous system and our energy field. 

Now considering this assertion was directed towards a mediumship demonstration where the medium was working on a high vibrational level. The medium in question had encountered a member of the audience who had a very low and disruptive energy field. This resulted in the medium being stopped in their tracks, making them unable to continue on their high vibrational level. It meant the medium had to hand the microphone over to their 'colleague' who was not working on the same level, but on a pure psychic (Psyche) level, who was able to provide psychic information to members of the audience. It DID NOT mean the medium had lost their gift. It was actually a matter of choice that the medium decided to stop their performance. I would imagine the jolt to the medium's solar plexus, and how painful that encounter would have been. 

The person who had made that rather hogwash ridden status on Facebook epitomises a typical N.A.M.I sheep who has had little formal training and knows nothing about the reality of that they are talking about. Psychic ability is not a gift, it is a birth right. It is not something that can be taken away. It is an integral part of the human experience. 

The situation they were commented on was a situation where they had wrongly mistaken their own psychic information as being mediumship ... where mediumship is the receiving of information by way of a two way conversation with a consciousness beyond that of their own... when in fact the information they were providing had come from themselves. There are many inexperienced sheep in the N.A.M.I who do not know what mediumship really is !!! They wrongly assume anything they pick up themselves for someone else is mediumship. It is not!  

I could write many chapters on this common misconception ... now is not the time or the place. It is however one of the many failings that are contained in the N.A.M.I mishmash that is out there ... sadly.