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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Antarctica in Myth, Fantasy & Reality

New Dawn Magazine: Antarctica promises to be big news in 2017. The alternative media is already simmering with reports of some titanic discovery, in a continent that may not be so frozen and empty as was thought. Some say that the discovery is so momentous that the Powers That Be will only reveal it in snippets, lest it upset the plans for their world order. Others predict that it will uncover the truth about human origins and prehistory, causing the downfall of fundamentalist religions. A magnetic anomaly may indicate a sunken meteorite of unimaginable size, the cause of some primeval catastrophe. There is talk of “caverns measureless to man,” hot springs, and even rivers flowing beneath the ice, to say nothing of their denizens, human or otherwise. Pyramids seem to be poking through the snow cover, hastily dismissed by geologists as natural formations. The past year’s tourists have included the US Secretary of State, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the second man to have walked on the moon. Something seems to be going more>>>...