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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Anesthesia – Queen of Cryptocracy

Before Its News: Sounds exotic, but it’s true. It’s all nuts. Something’s cut loose and we can all sense it and no one gets it. Cuz humanity’s carefully anesthetized. Things are moving so fast and crazy and in so many weird directions it’s tantamount to mass insanity going on. Yet most don’t even notice, and that’s the weirdest thing of all. That polarization is what compounds the problem, and that’s why the cryptos love to try to divide us every way they can. Beware. Those who dare wake up to reality vs. those who continue on within the projected mindframe. They all have a chance to wake up, but not all will take the challenge and opportunity. Such is the nature of the Universe. All will be resolved, but at what cost? Where and what is our response-ability? more>>>...