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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Before the Flood

New Dawn Magazine: According to Boulay, the Anunnaki genetic engineering was done by “combining the characteristics of the native ape man or neanderthal with their own saurian nature” producing the so-called Adam of the Old Testament. “This Adam was half-human and half-reptile, however, and being a clone could not reproduce himself.”

Berossus, the Babylonian priest writing in 3rd century BCE Athens, claimed that man’s ancestry and origin can be traced to “Oannes,” an amphibious creature that came out of the Persian Gulf to teach the arts of civilisation to man. “Berossus called them ‘annedoti’ which translate as the ‘repulsive ones’ in Greek. He also refers to them as ‘musarus,’ an abomination,” writes Boulay. “If the tradition had been invented, a more normal attitude would have been to glorify these creatures as splendid gods or heroes, yet the fact that they chose to describe their ancestors this way argues for the authenticity of the account.”

“The Sumerian gods regarded Man as a convenience and nothing more,” says Boulay. “He supplied their wants, kept their cities, and provided cannon fodder for their various military ventures.” (Sound familiar?) “The gods could be cruel and unsympathetic masters. They considered humans merely as unruly children, not more important than pets, to be governed ruthlessly and without sentiment.”

The ruthless “policies” of the New World Order reflects this ancient bias in the incessant propaganda that a population “crisis” exists on the planet and that the best way to remedy the situation is through wars to kill off the “cannon fodder” or through abortion to kill off future “useless eaters,” those who consume resources without the value-added productivity that the masters of Earth require.

Boulay contends that the Old Testament begins at Sumer and there is a large body of religious literature besides the Book of Genesis which deals with the period before the Deluge. He cites sources such as the three Books of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees, Gnostic teachings, the Dead Sea scrolls, the Haggadah of the oral tradition of the Jews, the Rabbinical writings, the works of Josephus, and the Books of the Pseudepigrapha, especially the Book of more>>>>...