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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Matthew James Ext 014 - Faulkner Psychics

Matthew James
Ext 014

FREEPHONE UK 0800 298 3026
TOLL FREE USA / CAN 1 855 437 1381

Matthew James is an old school style medium & clairvoyant providing "proof of survival" in his readings. Matthew is predominantly Clarivoyant (Clear seeing), Clairsentient (Clear Sensing) and ClairSentinent (Clear feeling), but also receives information using Clairaudience (Clear hearing), Clairalience (Clear Smelling) and Clairgustance (Clear Tasting). 

In most private sittings, Matthew James will make a connection to the spirit world, giving comfort to his clients. Matthew James has appeared on Australian TV (Psychic TV OZ ) and makes regular appearances on radio in the UK and USA and now hosts his own radio show - Conversations With Spirit, on Mike Spirit FM. 

Matthew is creator of The Light of Truth Oracle, which compromises of 80 beautifully designed cards, which are a new and completely unique divination system. The Oracle cards combine Tarot and The Kabbalah with Jungian archetypes and Matthew's magnificent and visionary artwork is spellbinding.