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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

A Significant Day?

Today is 13th March 2013 or more appropriately 13.3.13 or in other's eyes 3.13.13 ....

I wonder if 'they' associate this numerology with anything of significance? We know 'they' have a sick obsession with the numerology of dates. We only have to look at 9.11 to see that. 1.3.13 or 3.1.13 has passed with nothing to report,  so I suppose today will has well ... the next date to approach is 1.3.13 and 13.3.13 ... though in other's eyes those dates will be 3.1.13 and 3.13.13 ... again, will these dates prove to be of any significance too?

I ask because we know 'they' are obsessed with occult images and significances. They employ their spin wizards to brainwash us from birth that 'psychic stuff' is make believe; then implement it into their everyday lives behind the cover of their darkness. 

'Us' in the sheep pen are deliberately disconnected from the natural right to express the 'now' state of our right brain ... forced to live the imposed reality created by the genetically created left brain. Yet 'they' are free to explore these coincidences and significant moments.  Bastards!