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Monday, 25 March 2013

A Word on 'Bi-Location'

"It was an inspirational insight which gave me the sense of having my ‘feet in both worlds’ ... the realisation I hold a simultaneous conversation with my client, here on the earth plane, and also with the communicators from the other world.

It made perfect sense; gave me great clarity, and explained the reason why I have been ‘guide-less’ since I began this spiritual sojourn all those decades ago.

I know I go to them ... they don’t come to me ... I wander their world whilst I sit (Or stand) before a client or an audience. I almost always see a shadowy overlay to my vision of the earth plane when I gaze out through human eyes. Sometimes the overlay is almost a perfect carbon copy of the room I’m sitting in at the time. But, in other instances, the overlay is somewhere entirely different - more often than not it is the locality where the communicator is at the moment I am holding the consultation.

It was a rather odd sensation to experience at first ... I was unsure, and a little dubious, as to what was taking place ... but now many years later, I understand perfectly the process. I term it ‘BI-LOCATION’. Being in two localities at the same time. My physical body is stuck firmly here on Planet Earth ... whilst my light body has journeyed to the ‘back of spiritual beyond’ to make contact with an occupant of that world. I am consciously aware of being in these two dimensions at the same time.

It makes the need for guides obsolete, as it is myself who is receiving the information directly."

Extract taken from ‘Feet In Both Worlds’ written by Matthew James - Copyright (All Rights Reserved) Matthew James Jan 2013

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