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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Hard Sell In The Psychic Industry Part 6 - "Hidden Agendas"

The hard sellers basically have no ethics whatsoever ... always the opportunist, they are almost always planning to take advantage from any situation. They most certainly have hidden agendas with anything and everything they are involved in.

Behind professional smiles and 'designer imagery' they are prepared to even double cross established friends if it means they can climb on to the back of their friends to make a living.

A prefect example of this tactic occurred recently. As it was related to us it went a little like this:

A personal friend was invited to organise and run a specialty evening at their development circle, because they were unable to attend the evening ... and wished their friend to undertake an evening for their development group in their absence.

Their personal friend invited clientele of her own ... who she invited to her specialty evening. Our hard sellers arrived unexpectedly towards the latter part of the development evening ... and then proceeded to hand out business cards to their personal friend's clientele who'd come to attend their personal friend's evening.

Their clear intention all along was to utilise a double cross and a 'hidden agenda' by inviting their personal friend to organise a special evening ... so exposing a new client base to them ... so they could hand out business cards with this definite intention of taking these clients from their personal friend.

Be warned ... almost every meeting organised and run by these two hard sellers has the same hidden agenda ... the cue sheet being almost always the same ... get someone else to run the evening for them. Get this someone to bring their own clientele and participants. Wait until the end of the evening to then peddle wares to a potential new client base ... a shocking and unethical reality that takes place sadly ...


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