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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hard Sell In The Psychic Industry Part 2 - "The Fear Factor"

Seems like I've caused a bit of a stir with this potential expose ... not that I'm surprised!

Fear ... is an incredible tool to use. In the Hard Sell tactic it is a necessity for the problem/reaction/solution to take place:

Hard sell = problem/reaction/solution; where fear is a real component in this process. Make the vulnerable fearful and then present yourself as the avatar or the saviour who is going to solve their problems ... who will take their vulnerability from them. 

Well fear can work both ways ... those who feel threatened by this expose are fearful ... perhaps not as fearful as their victims of their hard sell scam; but sufficiently uncomfortable at this time to know that fear is valid within this expose.

You can only scare or manipulate someone through a fear based tactic if they are fearful ... I may be a little foolish with this slant on the psychic industry but I'm not at all fearful of consequences or the actions of others. It's water off a duck's back ... the apparent 'fear element' isn't present  with me at this time ... the 'headmaster cannot punish a student who is no longer at the school' !