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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Introducing 'Hard Sell In The Psychic World'

'Hard Sell' tactics are a sad fact of life ... from real estate to perfumery ... all around the globe. It is the classic marketing ploy of 'convincing someone they want a product that they don't really want'.

Hard Sell is defined by Wikipedia as 'In advertising, a hard sell is an advertisement or campaign that uses a more direct, forceful, and overt sales message.'

Hard sell is sadly EVERYWHERE. Associated with every avenue of saleable product ... it is not a pleasant technique to be on the receiving end of ... with the 'hard seller' more often than not being an unscrupulous and unethical individual who sees the dollars as the reward for their unerring efforts to snare their victim. The hard seller rarely takes into consideration the consequences of their actions ...

Hard Selling is in the psychic world ... and it is really pissing off so many of the truly genuine 'light workers' in the industry. Genuine souls who are being trodden on and slandered by their rather soulless 'compatriots' who see the monetary gain as the only reward for their toils; not seeing the spiritual responsibility to their clients as the true intention of their 'trade' ...

It is these soulless hard sellers in the Psychic Industry that this series here on A Light In The Darkness will, over the coming months, expose for all to see. 2013 is the year to name and shame these non-spiritual vampires, so the industry can get back on track.

Over the coming weeks we will show you how to spot a hard sell within the maddening crowds of spiritual practitioners.... so watch this space ...!