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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

"It Will Come To Pass"

...and the ancient scriptures talk of another world
the location lost in the ages purged by the rewritten history
history the script to change to gain power over all the physical worlds they say
Another world on a different dimension ... much higher than the one of entrapment,
the scriptures foretell the darkest hour ... where thoughts shall be only sorrow and fear
then ... the door will be shut tight ... entry lost due to the weights and the measures being fooled
The dark lord will have full sway on the minds of the children then ...
... then they will arrive
the ancient necromancers born as knowing children
leading desperate lives deep in the hollows of obscurity
kept aware ... bearers of great light
it is they who will save.

When the door shuts tight ... the scriptures say
and the dark lord bears all minds in its grasp
machine minds linked to an artificial brain ... electrical impulses sent forth
suppressing all to the way of suppression
then ... the ritual will begin ...

The ancient necromancers will join and their voice in unison shall quote the word
and the word shall be the ancient’s mantra ... spell breaking to lift the mists from the minds there
the minds of the children will waken as if out of a dream
lifting their thoughts from gloom to light
collectively changing the vibration of that world
lifting it to that of the other world
the door shall open wide
so all can reunite with those they were told were lost.

The ancient scriptures report an age when children could venture between worlds
Death was no barrier then ... mortal was never a word uttered ... for all were immortal.
... the ancient scriptures say embrace the signs when has they come
markers in the sky ... signs of the cross, a returning star ..
They are here, and the necromancers also
they walk the earth, they receive the words
and the words are recorded by them all in inimitable ways
whence they meet know they shall confer
and each separate part has been designed to be joined
so as one they have the full ritual
but as individuals they bear only that they are meant to bear.

Harken children, the necromancers are scribes
presently their words shall be electronically recorded in this the technological age
of this the dark lord is aware
and he sends forth electrical impulses that deceive and cause havoc and chaos
know they shall overcome
The ancient scriptures report they shall succeed
and the ritual will come to pass.

Written by Matthew James December 2003