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Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Quickening Upon Us?

Is this really that time ... ??? Is The Quickening now upon us ...?

This has been a topic of conversation many, many times over the years ... wherever I have found myself in the world. Since the late 1980's ... when we speculated what the effects would be ... all the way through the dawning of the world wide web ... and the creation of the thousands of wonderful speculative sights out there .... right up to the now ... 2011 on the eve of 2012 ...

But what have I learnt through it all? Are there any notable signs ... yes. I am aware ... things are no longer the same as they were even three months ago. For example, three months ago I would still sleep like a baby the moment my head hit the pillow. It was a true characteristic of 'normal life'. But now ... for the last 8-10 weeks my sleep patterns have notably changed. It's the same pattern. I get into bed with all the right intentions for sleep... in my favourite position ... then there is an itch or an ache ... then a tension and a sense of foreboding ... and I shift my position to begin the process all over again. It feels like sleeping on a bed of nails with a myriad of spider's webs coming down from the ceiling touching my face and arms. I shift my position for a third time ... then the frustration builds despite tried and tested relaxation techniques which have always worked in the past ....

Changing sleep habits are one of the first signs of a change? Aren't they? I read it somewhere once ... but it is one of the great differences and a sign things have changed on a personal level.

The other BIG change I've felt ... which is most surely The Quickening ... is the apparent ease I now find myself making connections with 'The Spirit Lands' ... discarnate souls seem to have a much clearer link with me all of a sudden. It's not my imagination ... but the number of immediate links to them as increased dramatically. Names, conditions, facial descriptions, mannerisms etc etc are now more readily available. Very few connections are vague ... there are specific messages and 100% validation. Which is good! It's what I've been striving for since my first medium connection back in the early 1980's ... the power of the connections has weaved and waned through the years; it's always been there ... but recently it is the CLARITY which amazes me ...

I'm pretty much convinced this is a clear cut sign that the solar activity has increased dramatically ... the solar light is our link to the spirit lands after all. It is our nourishment on this planet. It is the area of the light spectrum where our DNA receives information and we communicate with ... it is our 'silver chord' which connects us to the place we all come from. When we travel in the astral ... and we see the silver chord ... is it not the same light we see that connects our spirit with the physical body ... we seem to travel along it ... using the sun as the portal entrance to the other side ....

So it is obvious that if this light source increases in power ... then our spirituality will soar. The quickening is an increase in vibration of the light body .... we are all experiencing an increase in light sensitivity. But we may not all be feeling that effect.

There is also the change eating habits ... I am eating less and needing less for nourishment ... as more and more light is replenishing the light body ... again, is this more evidence of The Quickening?

A quick question ... are you feeling these effects too? Maybe other effects which I've not mentioned here are evident to you too .... you see there is the negative effects .... the headaches, the shiverings, the dizzy spells, the breaking away of certain friends and habits ... that I haven't mentioned in detail; they are going on too ... !

So, spend a few moments reviewing your life over the last three months ... and write down the changes that you are now experiencing ... can you attribute them to The Quickening ... or do you have other explanations?

Matthew James 1st April 2011