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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

'UFO spotter' posts mysterious video of glowing fireballs floating over Cork

Daily Mail: Hiding behind the pseudonym Naktis Ireland, the alien enthusiast uploaded the grainy footage, taken on a mobile phone, last month, but claimed to have filmed it in December. The jerky video, which is without audio, appears to show a string of otherworldly glowing fireballs, drifting slowly across the dusk sky.Having spotted the flying objects ion the horizon, the videographer runs frantically into a garden to get a closer look. Steadying his camera he captures one of the alleged UFOs floating in between two semi-detatched houses.Moments later two more appear followed by more, all flying in formation.

But his video was met with a barrage of skepticism online, with one viewer writing on website Out There: 'No audio. This would make some sense, because if a hoaxer hasn't planned out all the "ooh" and "ahh" moments in advance, said hoaxer would then have to produce a credible soundtrack, which may or may not be within the scope of his technical repertoire.'

Another wrote on the same site: 'I'm going to come down hard off the fence and cry "foul".

'This event, if real, would surely have drawn not only media coverage, but also other videos from different locations (how much footage was there of the meteorite?) more>>>...