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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Cosmic Fire & the Destruction of Earth’s Ionosphere

Waking Times: The cosmic energies in the electromagnetic spectrum that we’ve termed cosmic rays, gamma rays, etc., are constantly drenching earth, bombarding us with their frequencies of energy and entering into our bodies and consciousness. Here within us, they are transformed and metaphorically ‘sacrificed‘ through the subtle mechanisms of our seven Chakras. This transformation feeds and fuels the projections of ‘appearances’ that are consequently generated as holographic realities for us to enjoy and experience on the earth plane.

Geoengineering of the earth’s ionosphere, blasting holes in it, and scattering tons of toxic metals into our atmosphere has horribly skewed our environment and caused a catastrophic state of earthly disharmony. This once perfect and delicately subtle nurturing relationship between cosmic ray waveform frequencies, which feed all life on our planet, and the primordial Cosmic Fire and the human Chakra system is now being disrupted on an industrial more>>>...