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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Decoding ancient Celtic astronomical symbols, links to Jungian archetypes

S.O.T.T: According to Dr. Miranda J. Green in her book, Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend, the sun was significantly meaningful to the ancient Celts. She states that "One of the most important venerated natural phenomena was the sun, seen as a life giver, promoter of fertility and healing" and that "coins were struck with sun symbols associated with the horse".

Some of the primary symbols for the Sun in ancient Celtic times were an X or a four-spoked wheel featured on bronze axes, swords, coins, urns, pottery and jewelry since Neolithic Europe. "Hallstatt Iron Age sheet-bronze vessels were decorated with repousse crosses and solar wheels," states Dr. Green.

The X symbol was no doubt a significant astronomical representation for thousands of years; perhaps one of the most powerful ideograms valued by the Celts, which explains the X motif on our artifacts. The X artifacts range from 62 AD to 400 BC. However, to uncover the mystery of the interconnected design, a close evaluation of the symbols at Stonehenge and Newgrange needed to be more>>>...