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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Portals to Higher Dimensions

copyright Matthew James 2015
We are all, in actual fact, portals to other dimensions. We are doorways between different worlds and different vibrations. Most of us spend our lives unaware of this reality. 

Sceptics will scorn and scientists will rebuff. I don't actually care. Until someone walks in another's shoes they should not criticise something which is not in their reality at this time. 

That is the sad state of this world. It is over-run by the separate selfish ego which DOES NOT want you to grow spiritually. It wishes to lead you as far away from the truth path as possible. It invented the shadow which became manifest on this earth plane as the scientist, the sceptic and the minister. ANYTHING can be disproven if that is your desire! The ego begs, borrows, steals and lies to prove its point ... 

The selfish separate ego is the door keeper that keeps the dimensional portals closed in most people. Or, it will permit a virtual doorway and a copy dimension to be experienced. It can fool you into thinking you are having a spiritual experience. That is why the FIRST lesson in any spiritual development practice should be the learning to control the ego.

Once this has been mastered it becomes apparent that there are two separate key aspects to mankind .... the true self and the assumed self (Or The Persona). The Ego has a grapple hold on the assumed self to keep the true self suppressed.  Once the ego has been controlled, the aspects of the assumed self begin to fall away. They are never lost, as they are needful as a disguise in this ego driven world. Once these aspects fall away you are left with the true self. This is essence of your soul that has chosen to incarnate at this time. It is the part of your consciousness that needs the physical incarnation at this time.

Once the true self assumes its rightful control of its physical vehicle it has automatic control of the physical vehicle and its carbon copy, the memory body. This is what I deem to be the experience of a walker with feet in both worlds. Once in this state of consciousness, the portal between the dimensions becomes a viable proposition for higher aspects of the universe. Aspects that lie beyond the human realms and the spirit realms. These aspects have the ability to then directly influence the physical plane via the consciousness of the true soul now fully aware of the earth plane. With the ego in control these higher aspects are not at all interested in the human acolyte. The separate selfish self can, however, create a virtual experience where the ego controlled human sheep is fooled into thinking a higher force has an interest in them.

The role of the human with true self fully integrated into the human form is something of an enigma. With the agenda of the higher forces not at all obvious to the human being. However, the ability to function as the portal through which the energies of higher vibrations enter into the earth plane is established and utilised ... the true self being fully aware of its life purpose and of its identity.  ... MATTHEW JAMES