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Friday, 12 May 2017

Twiddle Twaddle Deception

It was billed as a brilliant night of 'trance mediumship'. What was seen was a night of twiddle twaddle deception that a small audience of partisan 'believer's' fell for!

Its always been a disputed bone of contention, in our opinion, when a 'medium' claims to go into trance, and then starts talking in an 'foreign accent' then pretends that the spirit coming through them is a typical Native American (Unless you have Indigenous American blood they will not come to you!) It was a very poor rendition of trance mediumship, in truth. Its even worse when this so called dead person was claimed to come through at will! Again, that is NOT how it works.

The entire spectacle was outrageous and downright embarrassing, especially when the partisan audience really believed their comrade was channelling the dead spirit of a Native American.

We've seen the real thing a few times in the 1980's and this did not have any of the telltale signs that indicate something truly supernatural was taking place.

What was witnessed in this instance was a theatrical deception that was crazy and annoyingly outrageous. Those in the audience who really did believe the lies before them need their head examining if they really think this is how it works!!!