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Friday, 4 August 2017

A New Paradigm

With the truth vibration now in full flow, the new dawn's rise cannot be prevented now. These are the early days of that new perception, just at the point of the fall of first few dominoes. Its effect cannot be prevented now, for those thoughts are now in the aethers, and the thought forms respond to that way of thinking.

It will only get easier to be a true self in the centuries that come. The ego, at present, still assumes control. The shadow, fearful of its loss of control, it sets free the mayhem of misadventure. But it is the cleansing of the path; the shaking of the tree ... the trail blazers have done what was asked of them, when they took the brave steps into a volunteered incarnation into this prison vibration.

Try as they might, the children of the shadow cannot prevent the new paradigm that enters the oversoul of 'human kind' ....