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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Acceptance is the Answer

Worry really isn't worth it. You really are where you are meant to be, and there is nothing consciously you can do to change it, aside from the choices you have to hand. Your pathway was decided for you many months or years ago, before you were even aware you were making those choices. The life around you is the manifestation of what was in your sub-conscious up to three years ago.

Be assured, however, the circumstances around you are what your True Self wishes its human avatar to experience. So its best to knuckle down and accept the ride. Acceptance is the key to ending any torment you may be feeling at this moment. The longer you refuse to accept your situation, the longer you are forced to endure your suffering. This comes from bitter experience, and bitter torment.

Current life path circumstances, for me anyway, are much better than they have been for a very long; and that is largely due to accepting my true self and understanding my passage through this life. Coming to terms with your life path, and why circumstances have unfolded ... help to strip the layers of mystery of your path. Then it becomes very clear what control you have, and how to make your life as quality as it is meant to be.

Acceptance is really the answer. Plus bravery to make the changes that have to be made in order to shift the goalposts to where they are meant to be in order to turn your life around. I've done it so you can do it as well.