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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Are We Approaching The Splicing Of The Time Loop?

Having spent now over 'half a century' being in the constant now ... actively observing the virtual reality known as 'the earth plane' ... it's pretty clear that this version of the earth plane has become a crazy and insane dimension.

Chaos most surely reigns, and for those who still sleep ... and fall for the illusion hook, line and sinker, there is no hope. But for those who are now awake and becoming more and more aware of the total lies and fabrications, which hold together this holographic reality created by thought forms, there is a way out of the maze.

Dark and sinister forces are abroad in this poor copy of the real world. It is perfectly clear this is but an electronic copy of a real world. Whether this plane is round or flat, it is not relevant. It is merely a tapestry of thoughts created to enable the dreamers and the lucid dreamers to actively experience what befalls this realm; all is dependent on how the collective think.

Assuming dream control in this fake realm is essential; because sinister forces work tirelessly to keep all the dreamers deep in their slumber. So they can feed off the thoughts of the dreamers. This is perfectly clear. What is also perfectly clear is the approach of the loop in the ticker tape. The splicing approaches ... and it is likely a reset will occur.

And we all will begin again at the start of the time loop. Reliving the segments of history, for ever how long it is ... being recycled again and again to fulfill the roles the time loop requires. Until we arrive again at this point once more. This time we know it as August 2019. But what will it be the next time round? The same? We are not likely to remember.

But what if ... when you become awake ?? This is part of the game. Part of the plan. The moment you realise the great illusion, you observation of this false reality comes to a close? What then and where then? What is beyond this cymatic sound bubble? What is out there really in space? Are we minute avatars within a bubble in a mighty ocean; on a world where giants hundreds of miles high exist? Or has that thinking taken you too far outside of the comfort zone?

All that remains to say ... become a lucid dreamer as soon as you can. The more of the awakened there are ... the lesser the effect of the chaos and less the confusion.

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