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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Can your inbuilt “compass” respond to changes in Earth’s magnetic field?

[Natural News]: A team of Japanese and American researchers reported that some humans share the natural ability of animals to detect magnetic fields.

Thanks to their internal compass that senses the north magnetic pole, these individuals may have a superior sense of direction compared with other people.

Homing pigeons, turtles, and warthogs are just some examples of animals that sense the slightest shifts in the Earth’s magnetic fields. They use this magnetism-based ability to find their way during migration and other long journeys that cover thousands of miles.

In contrast, most humans do not notice the numerous geomagnetic influences that they come across during their everyday lives. The first possibility is that human ancestors possessed a magnetism-based sense that their distant descendants lost over time.

The second is that modern-day humans do retain the sense but remain unaware of its existence. If the magneto-sensor system remains active, it may produce brain activity that shows on electroencephalography (EEG) more>>>...

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