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Monday, 12 August 2019

Eagle Hawk - Totem Bird of the Week

Wedge Tailed Eagle is the Totem Bird of the Week for Monday 12th August to Sunday 18th August 2019. The wedge-tailed Eagle is the known as the 'persecuted king', as he is shot by farmers, and even considered 'vermin'; he is hunted, and misrepresented.

When any type of eagle comes into your life, you are warned that you are bein persecuted unfairly, or alternatively, there is a situation or person that you are refusing to understand or see in an open-minded way. Broaden your horizons, don't live in a narrow world, eagle will give you the true sight you need to see clearly, and the strength to be seen clearly by others.

The Wedge-tailed Eagle has arrived in your life suggesting that ignorance and intolerance has found its way into it. We are misunderstanding a situation, or we are being misunderstood. If we let go of our own prejudices, we are less likely to be judged in a negative manner. If we live our lives openly and with pride instead of insecurity, others will eventually come to respect this. At the end of the day though, persecution occurs whether we like it or not, and you must continue on in your life despite any ignorance being directed your way. Do not change for other people. Do not expect other people to change for you.

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