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Monday, 21 October 2019

'Game of Thrones' predicted the zealotry of Extinction Rebellion - eco-fanatics are its 'sparrows'

[S.O.T.T]: The similarities between the eco-moralists of Extinction Rebellion and the Sparrows cult from Game of Thrones are uncanny.

There is a long held theory that film and television can be tools of prophecy used to glimpse into the future.

Game of Thrones in particular is a bellwether when it comes to entertainment as prophecy. The show's first episode, 'Winter is Coming,' aired in 2011 and that phrase quickly became the series tagline. Billboards warning that "Winter is Coming," portending an invasion by undead White Walkers and their zombie minions, soon loomed ominously over cities and towns across America.

In the ensuing years, a metaphorical winter did indeed descend upon the US, as the cold wind of political correctness swept across the land while an army of mindless 'woke' scolds waged war on free expression as the cold wind of political correctness swept across the land while an army of mindless 'woke' scolds waged war on free expression and diversity of thought.

Why would eco-activists who snarled New York City traffic by supergluing themselves to a boat in Times Square, took a hammer to a government building in London, grounded a flight from London to Dublin, and plotted to use drones to shut down Heathrow, remind anyone of 'Game of Thrones?' Well, because these fanatics are eerily reminiscent of a group of religious zealots called the Sparrows.

The Sparrows and their leader, the High Sparrow, came to prominence in King's Landing after the death of Tywin Lannister. The cult attracted great numbers of followers to their devout way of life, including some royals like Ser Lancel Lannister, who was the former incestuous lover of his cousin, Cersei Lannister.

Both the Sparrows and Extinction Rebellion were born out of noble intentions, as the Sparrows set out to alleviate the suffering of the downtrodden, and Extinction Rebellion were concerned about the environment.

Both groups are also religious in nature. The Sparrows ardently worship the Faith of the Seven and brutally torture sinners and violently coerce them to confess, just as Cersei was forced to do a naked walk of shame to atone for her sins.

The bottom line about both groups is that their true purpose is to usurp power in order to implement their radical agenda.

The High Sparrow played a masterful game of political chess, setting the Lannisters and Tyrells against one another in order to wrest control of the Iron Throne for himself. He exploited the political ambitions of the Tyrells and the weakness of Cersei Lannister's impressionable young son, King Tommen, in an attempt to gain power and turn his religious beliefs into royal decree.

Extinction Rebellion's strategy is equally Machiavellian. Their abrasive tactics of creating traffic jams and airport delays are only going to irritate and aggravate working people, thus creating enemies instead of allies. But Extinction Rebellion doesn't care about gaining popular support.

The movement believes in Gene Sharp's theory of non-violent action which claims that protest movements only need the support of 3.5 percent of the population to trigger mass changes.

The movement is using peer pressure and social fear among the elite in the establishment media and the entertainment industry in order to acquire endorsements and donations they believe will assist the movement in reaching cultural critical mass while bypassing populist sentiments...<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

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