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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

'No Deal will COLLAPSE the UK': Jean-Claude Juncker makes extraordinary Brexit threat accusing Britain of 'original sin' - amid claims EU could offer an extension of just WEEKS to stop Boris Johnson holding an election

On the contrary. Here's the spin .... It's the EU that will COLLAPSE without the UK as its bank! Yes, that's the true reason why the EU will NOT agree to a deal; has no intention of agreeing to any deal. 

They are desperate the UK accepts the backstop so they capture Ireland; then unravel the UK bit by bit. Getting Wales to leave and also Scotland. That is the tyranny's plan. 

They are also putting up the fight like the cornered wild cat ... to discourage all the other countries wanting to leave. 

Boris Johnson is seemingly cornered. No deal is deliberately being manufactured because these evil corrupt bastards collaborated in the writing of the rebel law known as the Benn Act. B.J has to ask them for an extension if it goes to no deal. It will go to no deal. Its corruption personified. 

But somehow ... BREXIT will happen. The E.U know they can't stop the UK leaving. That is why they are desperate and now showing their true face. A nasty one at that. Wouldn't you if 14% of your economy and your bank, was about to leave?

[Daily Mail]: Jean-Claude Juncker has warned that No Deal Brexit will 'lead to the collapse of the United Kingdom' as the EU heaped pressure on Boris Johnson to cave to its demands.

The commission president dismissed suggestions that the bloc will be to blame for failure to get an agreement, jibing that Britain had committed the 'original sin' of trying to leave.

The combative comments came amid claims the EU is considering offering the UK an extension lasting just weeks, rather than the three months that had been mooted.

Some member states want to deprive Boris Johnson of the time to hold an election, arguing that if he secures a majority it will put him in a stronger position.

Creating a No Deal 'cliff edge' could maximise the bloc's leverage to force Mr Johnson into an humiliating climbdown....<<<Read The Full Article Here>>>...

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