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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

UK Leaving EU on 31.10.2019 - The Light Of Truth Oracle Insight

The question on most people's lips in the UK at this time is 'Will the UK leave the E.U on 31st October 2019?'

A look at this situation with The Light Of Truth Oracle reveals the following insight:

 Jealousy equates to the 5 of Wands in the Tarot. Its magick glyph is called 'False Self' and has the affirmation of 'remain firm under the scrutiny of the eyes of the false self. They see what they are not in you. The gaze will soon pass'. This is noted as those that oppose Brexit.

Its Insight Meaning is '“Often others see in us something they are not, but they wish to be. Their ego creates a false self … a perfect replica of all that the ego wishes the person to be. Sadly, the person fails to pierce the veil of falsehood created by the ego. They do not realise that what they see in others is themselves. As a result, those in the firing line feel the jealousy directed towards them.' It's Kabbalah correspondence is Geburah; which is Mars (The God of War).

Expectation is equivalent The Knight of Cups in the Tarot. Its magick glyph is known as 'Yin and Yang', and has the affirmation of  'Express kindness and compassion in all the things that you do, no matter what the situation.'

This hints at remaining positive that the event will take place.

 Its Insight Meaning is 'by combining both masculine and the feminine qualities we can often find ourselves experiencing an impasse. We are compassionate and concerned , at the same time as being needful of action and accomplishment. It will often force us to consider our expectations. What is the right decision and how do I go about doing the right thing.?' This suggests the current apparent impasse that it taking place as we approach 31st October 2019.

Retreat is equivalent to The Page of Cups in the Tarot. Its Magick Glyph is called 'Explore Self' and has the meaning of 'When life's adventure is the same old same old … remember to look inside and see what to change about yourself.'

This suggests the referendum that set this all off; and the intended path to leave the E.U, which the UK has been a member of for decades.

Its Insight Meaning is 'We all must learn not to take life so seriously at times. It is a difficult undertaking at the best of times. We often get frustrated when the landscape seems unchanging; when we seem to do the same thing over and over again. In these times we should remember to look within and explore our inner selves to discover what we need to change about ourselves.' This implies that we are not seeing the wood for the trees. We see nothing happening on the surface, when in truth something has been agreed, and will take place.

The Survivor equates to the 3 of Swords in the Tarot and its magick glyph is 'The Vesica Piscis'. Its affirmation is 'I am Aima, here to share with the creation of life amid your sorrow of the limitations of physical form.'

This is the first indication that BREXIT will happen. 'Creation of life' amid the 'sorrow of limitations of the physical form'. Change?

Its Insight Meaning is 'Permit yourself time to heal. To recover from the pain of emotional sorrow. We all experience harrowing times, but we always survive. Moving on is not the easiest of actions to initiate, but we always find the capacity to do so. As the survivor those wounds shall heal in time, and you will most certainly learn through these difficult times. Such is the power of the human spirit.' Very poignant words ... Moving on is not the easiest of actions to initiate, but we always find the capacity to do so. A light at the end of the tunnel???

The imagery of The Survivor is that of a phoenix rising from the flames above an island. Very tempting to say its the UK rising from the ashes of Brexit.

The conclusion of these Light Of Truth Oracle cards??? There is no sign of a delay or extension. There is the jealousy directed at the leavers. There is signs of the current impasse. But the phoenix rises from the ashes ... Expectation shows the choppy seas that all have seen over recent months.

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