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Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Wake Up People And See The Wood For The Trees

It's going really bad. But, sadly, it's going to get a whole lot worse. The crazy demonised 1% are throwing everything into their push for their End Game.

It's so clear that something BIG is about to happen with the big smokescreens being created at this moment in time.

The UK's 'good cop, bad cop' BREXIT deception and its corrupt remoaners and insane E.U. That's one HUGE distraction pulling Brits and Europeans in and getting their attention.

The mad as a hatter EXTINCTION REBELLION and its mentally retarded protects around the world. ANOTHER big distraction and smokescreen to pull people in and take the attention away from what is before their eyes.

The insane US Democrats and their IMPEACHMENT OF P.O.T.U.S TRUMP. Yet another BIG distraction to pull people away from what is going on.

Then, how can we forget ST.GRETA, THE PIED PIPER OF THE CLIMATE CHANGE LIE. And all the BIG LIES about the climate. The anxiety and scare tactic we only have a limited time left. The push for a Carbon Tax that will make the 1% Trillions of pounds/dollars in profits. The lie about cattle farts causing global warming in an attempt to turn the world away from meat; forcing us to eat their laboratory prepared POISONS. How come there are so many who believe this BULLSHIT. There is more fart gas created by HUMANS than livestock!!! Methane and CO2 do NOT contribute to climate change!!

And also VACCINATIONS. Another BIG smokescreen. As is the current issues with Syria. There are many other distractions all being deliberately manufactured to form a HUGE  SMOKESCREEN.

Hiding what you no doubt ask???  Look in the skies above you. Become aware of the tampering with the weather; the chemtrails dropping poisons on us; and also HIDING the real sky from us. The dodgy ARTIFICIAL SUN ARRAY. Why? What is really going on???

We are all being distracted by these smokescreens.... the elite's end game is what is being hidden from us. 5G and A.I is being rolled out at a crazy pace. What if they are setting up the 5G prison around us as we are being distracted??? Remember the news there would be 20,000 satellites needed for the 5G around the world??? Just saying ... that's gone very quiet.

Whilst we follow the smokescreens, the CRAZY elite are finalising their plan. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SEE THE WOOD FOR THE TREES. There is a whole lot more they are hiding from us too ... UFOS are real and indicate what else is going on ...

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