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Monday, 21 October 2019

'With Regard to Leaving The E.U, Where Will The U.K Be, Say, A Year From Now?' - The Light Of Truth Oracle Insight

A very pertinent question, considering the state of affairs with Brexit and the deal that has been made between the government & the E.U. Is Britain about to have its diplomatic torn to shreds by the remainers reversing the referendum vote of 2016, or does the deal or no deal go through?

ABUNDANCE IS 'The Mighty Crowned' and means 'I am the primal plan, the emanations of all the spiritual laws … which is replicated and reflected by your physical world.'

The relevant part of the Insight Meaning reads 'For you to truly manifest yourself on the physical plane as the highest aspiration that you most surely can be you need to exhibit the virtue of obedience. That is the obedience to self and to trust your own judgements.'

PROGRESSION is 'The Leap of Faith' and has the meaning 'Remember to keep your inner light shining and believe in all that you do. Have faith in yourself at all times.'

Its Insight Meaning relates to going with the flow and watch your life evolve.

TEMPTATION is 'Due Dilligence' and means 'much can be accomplished but with due diligence you can ensure choices are the right ones to make'.

Its Insight Meaning relates to 'When our own spiritual values are in conflict with what is expected of us in our mortal lives we are faced with a moral dilemma. Which law do I adhere to? The illusory human law or the spiritual truth emanated by our true self? It is a tough call at the best of times, especially when our own moral judgements are being put to the test. It's always best to follow your heart.'

It goes without saying these images imply the UK is going through the Transition Period after leaving the E.U!